Monday, September 5, 2011


so.. from the day i found out i was pregnant up until about 2 weeks ago, I would have told you, for sure, that we're going to have a little girl. i just had that feeling .. its definitely a girl. about two weeks ago i started second guessing myself... maybe it is a boy? some of the old wives tales (which had been all pointing to pink early on) were starting to point to blue now. matt had a dream last week it was born a girl and then was a boy later on, haha.

last night, i literally had about 10 different dreams that baby bolt is going to be a boy!!! im not saying my dreams are always accurate, but the way i even knew to take a pregnancy test on the morning of June 18th was because i'd had the same type of night i had last night, dreaming about 10 different times that i was pregnant.

now i just CANT WAIT to find out what baby is on Wednesday!!! I have been swaying this whole time. Most of my college life I always said I wanted boys, and boys only. Then once I got married i said, maybe three boys and a girl last. (because once i got married i realized how much girls stayed with their family and boys kind of leave theirs... i dont want all my boys leaving me!! i have to have one girl to go through weddings and babies with!!) Then when I found out I was pregnant, I really couldn't picture it being a boy, not because I didn't want one, but just had an instinct that it was a girl.

My fears of having a girl: Ummmmm what if I have a girl that's just like me... and she fights with me and makes my life a living hell from age 14-18?? I don't like arguing!!! I don't want a catty brat.

Pro of having a girl: I loved the way my brother and I grew up. I was 3 years older and like a little mommy to him. We are closer than most siblings I know, and if it's a girl, I'm naming her after my brother :) Also, I really want Matt to have a daddy's girl, because I have such a special relationship with my daddy!

My fears of having a boy: Exact opposite of my girl "pro".... Matt was first...and his sister came three years later, and he terrorized her! Poor Kelleigh! However, they are as close as can be now, so I know it'll work out in the long run.

Pro of having a boy: it's all i've ever really imagined myself having. I NEED ME a little Mama's Boy! I told Matt if this is a girl...and the next ones a girl....and the next ones a girl... I am willing to have four children to get me a little mamas boy!!!! But good lord can you imagine if the fourth was a girl, too??? sheesh.

Bottom line: I am SO EXCITED to find out on Wednesday what we're having...and EITHER WAY I am going to be ecstatic!!! 2 more wake up's and we'll knowwww!!!!


**DISCLAIMER: I just reread this post and it makes it sound like we for sure want four kids... no way... thinking three max. Pre-married life I thought four was ideal. Then I started babysitting for just two that were close in age and I changed my mind... Two sounds GREAT... maybe three if we dont have one of each! :) **


  1. Aww you are too cute with your baby's gender! It is SO exciting to find out :) I didn't start buying girl stuff until I was 20 weeks and had the full anatomy ultrasound, but even then, I kept every single receipt until she was born and we knew for sure! The old wives tales - are just that - tales! Some worked for me and some didn't, but either way, you and Matt will get a beautiful baby in February!

  2. I'm still thinking it will be a little tiger girl, but a boy would be precious too! I can't wait until y'all find out!! :)

  3. Awww I can't wait to hear how your appointment goes! I've been having soo many dreams that I am having a boy - guess we'll find out in a few weeks for me! Soooo exciting :) Take care girl!