Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Month Old

I can't believe I have a one month old :)

Mary Tyler,

At one month here are some things you are doing:

- You sleep pretty well. Sometimes you nap so much during the day that I get really worried about night time, but then you surprise me. We put you down around 11:30 and you usually wake up and fuss a little around 4 and I give you your paci then you last until 5:15ish. (SO, that's a good six hours you are sleeping!) BUT THEN after I feed you at 5:15 you have a really hard time going back to sleep. I can tell you are sleepy but you fight it. I swaddle you back up, rock you, sing to you, turn on your sleep sheep, give you your paci, everything!! Finally you fall back asleep around 6:45/7:15 but Mommy is SO TIRED by then. The past two nights I've put you back down in your pack n play with your paci and you are fine (quiet) until you spit it out and scream... so I have put you in bed with me and am able to pop that paci right back in when it falls out, then when you finally fall asleep I put you back in the pack n play. Daddy gets up with you between 8:45/9:15 and feeds you a breastmilk bottle and entertains you in his office (Mamaroo) until about 10:30 when you want to eat again. I'm not sure why you only go about an hour and a half between that morning feeding, but you do. After I feed you then you fall back asleep until about noon then wake up and eat every 2-3 hours until bedtime.

- you are a very good/efficient eater. sometimes you eat so fast at first, it strangles you and you choke on the milk. I have to sit you up and burp you, and then you go right back to eating. You're eating about 3 oz right now, I think.

- you LOVE your bath

- you look like you want to smile at mommy and daddy but still havent given us that first little smile yet!

- you developed reflux last weekend. we had you on Zantac at first and it was TERRIBLE. Mommy tasted a drop and realized no WONDER you hated it. It tasted horrible and you would almost choke on it every time bc you did not want to swallow. We switched you to Prevacid and you've done so much better with it. Apparently, it tastes like a creamsicle, and you love it. you just smack your lips like you want more. We cant tell if the medicine has really made a huge difference yet. You dont spit up very often but you cough up some acid and we can tell bc you get a pitiful face and start smacking your mouth and arching your back, like you got a bad taste in your mouth. After you eat, you HATE if we lay you on your back or in your lounger. You want to be laying on our chest or on your tummy in the lounger. We've started letting you take naps on your tummy and you seem MUCH more comfortable.

- you like to kick your legs and swat your arms around when you're happy

- you have taken a paci since the hospital but only occasionally. now you are starting to really love it. right now you take the gumdrop kind. you were liking the dr. brown's pacis but not anymore. you changed your mind. you do not like the mam's.

- you dont even notice when cooper and annie bark or howl. i guess you got used to it in my belly.

- you like me to bundle you up in a cozy blanket

- you seem to get bored easily now. you dont like to just sit here if you're awake. you want me to walk you around, bounce you, etc.

- your little head gets sweaty when you lay on your side for too long, or rest on my chest and your hair kinks/curls up. i hope its a curly like mommy's!

- you fall asleep in the car and stay asleep no matter where we're going. (dinner, errands, etc) if you are in the carseat, youre asleep.

-you make funny squeaking/squealing sounds all the time

- you hate daddy's beard

- we go back to the dr. for your one month appt on tuesday (march 20th) i will do another update then

We love you so much, little monkey!

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  1. Anderson started getting "bored" around 4 weeks too. I constantly had to change her scenery if she was awake. It got soooo much better around 8 weeks though when she could start entertaining herself a little bit. I know it may seem like it's too early but I started putting Anderson on her play mat around then and she would love it for about 15 minutes.