Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anatomy Scan ....

We had our Anatomy Scan today at 19 weeks. Baby girl was very cooperative and restless. Right when she appeared on the screen she was folded in half.. with her feet right up next to her head. We told the tech we were hoping to be able to count her toes! Sure enough she showed us her little tootsies... in unison with the tech, we counted out loud what we saw on the screen... "1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 6!!!!!! oh my gosh i see 6!" and just as fast as possible she kicked her feet out and then crossed them at the ankles.. Blending the picture. We couldn't tell how many on each foot. We tried the rest of the time but could not get a clear view again. Shoot!! All 3 of us are 90% sure she has six little toes on her right foot! Just like her Cici :) and her Daddy (but his are on his left foot). Here's the picture of her feet crossed... how many do you see?? We can't tell if her big toe is on the left foot or right?? But in this picture I only see five. Oh well. The tech LOVED us and was so happy to do a "baby" scan today (she'd been doing ovaries all morning) she ended up writing on my file that we needed to do a re-scan at the 24 week appt to get a better picture of the heart... but really she wants to see the toes again... and us :) love her.

Anway, that wasn't the only excitement of the visit. About 10 minutes later, she was showing us things like the heart, diaphragm, kidneys, etc... and all the sudden it hit me. "Uh oh... I don't feel so good." It seems every time I feel like i'm going to pass out... as soon as I say it out loud, I go downhill, FAST! As soon as I said it my vision started to go. I was already laying down but she had me roll over on my side. It sounded like I was hearing everyone under water for a few minutes then I started coming around. They gave m
e some ginger ale and ice packs on my head and neck and Matt tried to make the situation lighter by taking off his shoe and showing HIS 6th toe. The tech and nurse loved it. I have no idea why that happened today. Usually I pass out when I'm really nervous or get blood taken. I was excited and laughing watching the u/s the whole time, so it truly came out of no where. The nurse said it could be that my blood flow was already suppressed from laying on my back and that on top of my vasovagal syncope (passing out condition) made me woozy. Oh

well, hope it doesn't happen again.

We go back on November 2nd, and get to have another quick scan to see her twinkle toes :)

In other news, the nursery is painted and Matt put the crib together tonight!! We still need to paint the window trim, and the closet doors. They were a cream color before and looked great in the room, but now they look the color of smokers teeth next to the white crib. Also, we're going to install hardwood floors after the holidays :) Can't wait to see what it'll look like when it's finished!! Thanks SO MUCH to my friends who came and helped me paint while matt was in san fran last week!! And to my Hubby who finished it all.. and put the crib together!

I'll do a 19 week update tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from today:

At 17 weeks gender appt we saw her drinking...with a big open mouth, and again
today she was doing the same thing, this is a kind of creepy pic (i think) because it look's like her jaw is detached from her head... but here she is with her mouth open!

A little profile shot... looks like she's scratching her little shoulder! haha, look at that elbow poking out.

The lady said "uh oh, looks like a soccer foot"


  1. Thanks for making me smile this morning! I'm SO HAPPY that she has 6 toes! She's perfect!

  2. The exact same thing happened during my anatomy scan - almost passed out! Pregnancy is so weird :) But what a sweet baby girl!!!