Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, hey tiny!

Today we went for our 4D ultrasound to see Mary Tyler. We're so in love, already! So far, it looks like she has her daddy's eyebrows, brow bone, and lips and mommy's cheeks, nose, and chin. We can't wait to see her IN PERSON :) She had her cord blocking her face a little bit but we did some moving around and managed to get a few cute pictures. She showed us her left foot REALLY good, and was trying to suck on her toes... we got ONE decent pic of her right foot (which is suspicious of six toes) and think we can count six little nubs... you decide!!

ok.. here's the CLOSEST evidence we have... the big foot you see is her left has five toes..and she is trying to put it in her mouth... but resting on it is her right foot, and i swear i can count six little nubs... do you see it?!

Matt is uploading the video to youtube now... ill post it later tonight!

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  1. You got such good pictures! She cooperated much better than Anderson did. She looks absolutely precious!