Wednesday, February 1, 2012

she may be on her way!!! 36 weeks

I very well could be writing to you all 4 weeks from now, on my due date, wishing what I am about to write would have come true.... but I'm going to pretend like I don't believe in jinxes and write it anyway:

This morning we went to have our car seat installed/inspected at the fire dept. then picked up some lunch and headed to the doctor. Somewhere between waiting in the car at Costco for matt to get some things and sitting in the parking lot eating at Sonic, I started having contractions. By the time we got to the doctor they were about 3 minutes apart but I was still talking through them and they werent too painful.

I had a normal, routine check up and Dr. Twedt checked me. She said i'm a good 3 cm and 80% effaced. (Last Wednesday I was 2 and 80%) She can feel the baby's head pretty low. I asked her how soon she thinks she'll be here and she said "Within the week" I said "ONE week?!" and she said "Yeah. Two, max!" She said baby is measuring still about a week ahead, has a great heartbeat, and everything looks perfect. If she wants to come now, that is fine with her! I am off of bed rest and don't have to take the Procardia anymore. I told her about the contractions (which I happened to be having right then) and she felt my belly and looked at me and said "Yep! I may even be seeing you later tonight!"

It's so crazy that we could potentially be meeting our daughter within the week!!!! Matt and I were talking on the way home, wondering, had I progressed to 3 cm (from 2) just since I was having these contractions, or had it slowly happened over the past week. I guess we will soon find out. This was all about an hour ago, and I am laying here in bed with the dogs, still having contractions.

You'd think when I got off bed rest I would be out of bed, but I hardly slept at all last night and really need a nap! I will be up and about later!

Perhaps next time I write to you, I'll be a mommy or perhaps I'll be crying, reading this in 28 days saying "WHY DIDNT YOU COME THEN?! PLEASE COME OUT!"

ahhhhhhhhhhh! the anticipation is killing me :)


  1. I hope she comes soon so you don't have to experience the "waiting" like I did. It sucks! Do yourself a favor though and dont get too excited about what the doctors say. I'm sure she'll be here really soon though! I guess February 9th!

  2. Wow! I can't believe you're already 3 cm. Sounds like little miss will be here very soon! The waiting does suck (as Erin said) and the last few weeks seem to be the longest ones of the whole pregnancy, but you'll hardly remember them when she's here! It's allllll worth it. Can't wait to see her!