Friday, June 24, 2011

4wks 5 days

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far along? 4 wks 5 days

Size of the Baby? The size of a poppy seed

Maternity Clothes? Ha!

Gender? Everyone except two people have referred to it as a "she"

Movement? Definitely not.

Sleep? Two nights ago was the first night in nearly 3 years that I haven't taken some sort of sleeping pill. It wasn't a GREAT nights sleep, lots of crazy dreams and woke up to go to the bathroom several times!

Cravings? Meat sounds DISGUSTING to me right now. I haven't eaten any since the day I found out I was pregnant (that day I ate a turkey sandwich from subway and tacos at monterreys). Cathleen brought me a chicken biscuit from Chicfila on Monday morning to practice and I only ate the biscuit part. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Sweet Potato fries are in high demand. Also, cheese pizza and frozen fruit bars. This morning matt brought me bacon and cheese biscuits in bed, but i took the bacon off.

Symptoms? Cramps from my uterus growing. Just a general feeling of uneasiness. Some nausea but not too bad. Today marks the first day I've felt the "pregnancy exhaustion!" Luckily, I had nothing to do today and have been resting. Peeing... a lot.

What I miss? Not getting grossed out by certain kinds of food! I was flipping through a magazine in the doctor's office yesterday and saw an ad for Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls and I gagged out loud!! how embarrassing! Also Hardee's commercials where a big juicy burger slams down from the sky, GROSS. ME. OUT! belch.

Milestones? 6 wks! I may have an ultra sound scheduled for Monday, depending on if these cramps keep happening (im supposed to call the OB back on Monday). Other than that, I don't go to the doctor until July 8th!

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