Sunday, June 26, 2011

due date change #1 and our weekend

I'm sure my due date will change one or two more times in these first weeks! I have been thinking that since I know my cycles are usually around 45 days, I don't think I ovulated until later. Which would put me at a due date of February 27th, 2012, which makes me 4wks 6days today. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks! I decided to go ahead and move it back to save myself from disappointment later. I would much rather the doctor tell me I'm farther along than I thought, than get there and him say "ooh, go back 2 weeks." I don't want to feel like im losing progress! Especially during this fragile first trimester!

Yesterday I went to work. I kept feeling SO dizzy. Like, if i turned my head to quickly, it took the rest of the room a little longer to catch up. I ate some breakfast on the way there and quickly realized it wasn't going to stay down. I got sick but trucked on through the next hour or so. Finally around 11 i kept being disoriented, finding myself sitting and staring. Vicky had asked me if i was ok three times by now, so finally I just said "I wasn't going to tell you guys yet, but I found out I'm pregnant last Saturday!" They were very excited for me! Paula jumped up and down and hugged me, saying "That's great! That's great!" Then they said no one was really on the schedule for the rest of the day and I could head home. So I did :) Tyler came over and brought Sulley and the dogs played and we relaxed and watched tv. Then last night we went to eat at Zaxbys (where I consumed my 6th grilled cheese of the week) I have been a grilled cheese-aholic!!! It's been one of the only things that sounds appetizing. Matt and I came home and watched a lifetime movie "Deadly Honeymoon," it was pretty good, actually! Then went to sleep.

This morning we woke up and went to church then went to lunch and WalMart (which is always a funny trip). Then came home and relaxed for a bit before matt went out to work in the yard. I find myself not being able to hold my eyes open. I came up and took a nap and am now sitting here typing to you while Matt is making us some dinner :) Lovely ! It was a good, relaxing weekend. I am feeling pretty good overall, besides the constant dull headache and heavy eyelids! Plus, I'm breaking out, which is super annoying. Zit city!

Matt has been VERY serious about me taking it easy. He wouldn't even let me carry in one grocery bag today. He read the other day that even if I think it's ok to lift something, it can be risky in the first trimester. So, I'm not allowed to lift a finger. Wonder how long the spoiling will last? haha. I am definitely not taking it for granted right now, I am so thankful and blessed and appreciative at how much Matt is taking over and doing for me! I love him so much and couldn't be more thrilled that he is thrilled! :)

Update soon!!

B&B (Britt and Baby)

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