Thursday, June 23, 2011

telling my best friends the news :)

the video speaks for itself. all you need to know is that i eat dinner with my 4 best friends every Monday night at Sarah's mom's house. I called and told Londie on Saturday night so we could prepare for Monday night dinner. We decided that we should put cupcakes out at each person's plate and all of theirs would say "Aunt" and mine would say "Mom." All of us went out on the porch after dinner and Londa told us we had to stay out there until she told us to come in because she had a surprise for us. I played along, asking Sarah "What in the world is she going to tell us?" Sarah said "I have NO IDEA!" .....

sweet meg is standing in the corner crying over there!! haha. also, please excuse my curly hair.. the humidity outside killed me and we were waiting out there for a while!! i promise i straightened it that day!

once the girls knew, we had to go tell jordan's mom (my best friends moms are like my second moms!) this is how bonnie reacted when jordan showed her the cupcake that said "aunt" ...


  1. Soooo wonderful! LOVE the videos! Yay Congrats!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS... I am boohooing like a baby! haha! SO happy for you!

  3. i love the girls one, but bonnie's made me cry! that was so sweet!