Thursday, June 23, 2011

is she or isn't she?

originally written june 18th, 2011

last night i kept having these crazy dreams that i was pregnant. and when i would wake up from them, i felt like i was. around 10 am i couldn't take it anymore, i had to go to the bathroom and i decided to take a test. after i peed on the stick i sat there blinking my eyes a million times because i swore i saw a second line showing up!! i put it on the counter and ran into the room and said "matt! get up, i need you to come look at this!" and he said "look at what?? bring it in here!" i said "no, come here. i think i see a second line forming on this pregnancy test!" he shot out of bed and ran in the bathroom and looked from far away and said "I just see one line" i said "look closer" and he looked then immediately started cheering and saying "Yay!!!! Annie!!! WE GONNA HAVE A HUMAN BABY!" Then tried to pick me up and cheer .... i stood there, stoic, staring in the mirror with a confused face and said "that can't be right? is that right?? that's not right!"

i immediately started scampering to get dressed and said "im going to cvs to get more!" i got in my car and zoomed up to the drug store. couldnt decide which kind to buy so i got the digital one, easy enough, right?? it says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant." I rushed back home to take it, after guzzling a gatorade, and oddly enough, it said "non pregnant." WHAT? I got online and started researching and also called/texted my trusty friends Megan and Whitney (from The Meade Feed and Dear Baby E) who have been through it before! Both of them, and all of the websites, told me that the line test is more accurate if you are before your missed period, where as the digital tests aren't usually accurate until after your missed period. Since i have the weirdest cycle of any person I know, I had no idea when my missed period was supposed to be. Matt (who has instantly become a pregnancy know-it-all) assured me that I needed to calm down, and take another test in the morning. (Pregnancy tests are most accurate at your first morning 'void'). We headed to Subway to grab some lunch and I couldn't resist. I begged him to let us go to Bi-Lo and get another kind of test, surely it would help to confirm!! We did. Came home. Took it. Two lines. Two VERY FAINT lines, but there they were.

I called my mom immediately and told her the whole story. She said "i think you are!!!" Then Matt and I planned to go meet my brother for dinner at Monterreys (of course!!) We told him, and he thought we were kidding, then was very excited to be "the cool uncle who buys beer and stuff." (that will change :) ) Matt cheered the whole way home "I am so excited! Baby! I am SO excited!" While I sat there saying "So, if we have a baby, it would be born around Valentine's Day" and Matt says "It's not IF !!!! You are pregnant!"

continued Father's Day, June 20, 2011

we woke up this morning and I took the other digital test. Sure enough, today it said "PREGNANT!" I gave Matt a Father's Day card that I bought at CVS yesterday. He cried and it was sweet. Then we headed to church to meet Dad and Tyler. The entire service I felt sick and was burping and gagging (gross!!) we were in the SECOND row, middle, so i felt like i could not get up and run out. I prayed the whole way through church and Jesus got me through it! After church, we headed to Liberty to eat lunch. I gave Dad a Father's Day card for a Grandpa. It ended up being really cute! He was so surprised and definitely happy! Then we went over to Matt's house to tell Cindy and Kelleigh! They both said they had a feeling that's why we were coming over and were very excited, as well! We went home and rested for a bit then trekked on over to Mom's for a cookout with them. Everyone knew, except my sister, Lindsey. Her 21st birthday is coming up, so I told her I got her an early present while we were at the beach. She opened it, and I had put the digital pregnancy test in a nice bracelet box. She opened it and it took her a minute to catch on and then she cried and we all cried! :) It was a really good day!

This was our counter by the end of the day: Every single one had two lines... except for the first one, which was one that i took at the beach earlier in the week.

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