Friday, July 29, 2011


yay! this is what's going on ...

last night i had some cramping so i called the dr thiss morning and the nurse told me to go ahead and come in. i was so nervous driving over there, i almost pulled over to puke 3 times. turns out everything was PERFECT! Baby is measuring at 10weeks 1day but they wont change the due date unless it's still measuring larger at the aug 12th appt. Baby's heartbeat was a strong 178bpm all three times they checked it, and the sound of it was amazing!!! Also, baby is already active!! I got to see it kicking it's sweet little feet!!! SUCH a relief and a great feeling! Dr.Beck told me I could go ahead and tell everyone bc this little bumble bee is very healthy and active!!!

it feels SOOOOOOO good that the secret is out!!!!!!



  1. According to the old wives tale it sounds like you've got a girl in there! Mine has been 155 or higher each time and the nurse thought I was having a girl! Congrats on the announcement though! I know you are so excited!

  2. Yay!! So glad the baby is happy and healthy! Hope you are feeling better!!