Sunday, July 17, 2011

weekend from hell

sheeeeeeesh!!!!! i have been in absolute misery since thursday night. haven't left the house once. cried for a few hours straight on friday night. i can't throw up. i just constantly feel like if i move, im going to blow. and when i do start dry heaving, i just linger over the toilet for a while and nothing comes up. i've lost 3 lbs. and i've been MISERABLE!

Finally, today, I'm feeling a little better and was able tolerate eating lunch. i've been living off of potatoes (baked, mashed, or french fries) and i ate some rice last night. today i ate a bean burrito i had left over from taco casa. just beans and a small bit of cheese in a tortilla. it felt good to eat some protein.

i plan on calling the doctor in the morning and asking about the Zofran. I'd told him already that I was a little nauseated and he has had me taking B6 and Unisom at night. Also, I'd been wearing the Sea Bands all week and that had helped some. This weekend i've kept them on 24/7 even cutting off my circulation at night, but they seem to have lost their magic touch.

I keep telling everyone though, I think this is God's best way of reassuring me. Because I am a worrier and I KNOW if i was symptom free right now I would be freaking out that something was wrong. Being as sick as I've been, I know little baby bee must be thriving in there. And I know that this is all SO worth it :)

Just looking forward to Aug. 12th, when we go back to the doctor and get to see the baby actually looking like a baby instead of a peanut! After that appointment we're finally going to make it public knowledge and hopefully by then I'll be feeling better since I'll almost be 12 weeks!!

Thanks everyone for your love and support :)


Britt and Baby Bee

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