Friday, July 8, 2011

First Doctor's Appointment!! :)

Matt and I woke up this morning and headed to our first doctor's appointment!

We filled out paperwork out the wazoo. Then had a consultation with the nurse. Next we went into the ultrasound room for a regular old "girl doctor" exam and then an ultrasound!

It was CRAZY. one minute we're just sitting there talking and the next he's like there's your baby!! (even though it looks more like a peanut. Measuring just 0.58 cm right now, baby bolt is estimated to be 6 weeks and 2 or 3 days old... making my new and official due date February 29, 2012! A leap year baby! Matt said maybe we'll be on the news and get lots of cool stuff. I said... I think he/she will be late and end up a March baby. :) Tyler and I were both one day late. Matt thinks him and Kelleigh will early...need to verify with Cindy!! :)

Anyway, all of that was great! We met with the doctor and talked about all kinds of things and then he sent me to the lab to get my blood work. I told the nurse I was "not good at this" and I am very "faint of heart" and she said I'd be ok. I made it through her taking the blood. She put a bandaid on me and said sit there until you feel ok. About a minute later I remember her looking at me and saying "Are you ok?" and I just shook my head. I knew what was coming. I said... I feel like I'm going to throw up. She cracked open an ice pack and had me put it on my neck and was giving me breathing exercises. I remember saying, calmly "I can't see you" bc my vision had gone, but apparently after the one, calm and nice time I said it, the next time i yelled at her "I CANT SEE YOU!!!!" Then passed out. Matt said they shook and tapped me for about 30 seconds while I rolled my head around then she put something under my nose that woke me right up with a mild little seizure type convulsion! I swear (like every other time I pass out) I thought I was having a nice little dream, at home in my bed then wake up to nurses and Matt all around me going "Britt! Britt! Look at us! Talk to us!" And am like "whaaaaaat the heck??" Then I started gagging (loudly and embarassingly) and throwing up in a trash can. The nurse goes... "ok you told me you were faint of heart, not that you have vasovagal!" (Which is funny, bc that's exactly what I have). I said I dont know! I thought that's the same thing! Haha She assured me that next time she will let me lie down in one of the rooms to take that many viles!

I left feeling embarassed, and happy!!! Little Baby Bee had a good strong heart beat and a "good looking sac" - - not a boy... a yolk sac that will turn into placenta very soon. We get to see him/her again in exactly 5 weeks... on August 12th, where we will be just a few days away from the 2nd trimester!!! Wohooo! And when I will finally announce to everyone and share this blog with my other (neglected) blog!

Here is what the baby looked like last week.. but it was a good depiction of the yolk sac...

And HEEEEEEERE is the actual peanut: the dotted lines are measuring the actual baby.. the circle thing is the yolk sac and the whole black area its in is the gestational sac.... all the gray around it is the uterus.

so.. overall, today was a good day! just need to work on the passing out part :)

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