Thursday, January 5, 2012

32 weeks...

Instead of my typical pregnancy update I'll fill you all in on what happened today..

Last night, I was cooking supper and kept feeling a lot of pressure/cramping in my very lower abdomen, it felt like a bad period cramp. I had a regular doctor's appt yesterday and I asked him to feel what position the baby was in and he pressed pretty hard, down low, and grabbed Mary Tyler's head to confirm she was head down. So when I was feeling those cramps I thought maybe it was from him grabbing around down there or something. (how do i know??? haha) i kept feeling it on and off for about an hour but there was no way to "time" it as they weren't coming on immediately intense, just gradual. and my stomach was getting tight but nothing crazy so i wasnt even sure they were contractions. I told matt if it was still bothering me in the morning I would call the phone nurse.

so i woke up this morning still feeling questionable. i took a shower and sure enough, ever so often i was feeling the cramp sensation. i decided to call the phone nurse, after trying to talk myself out of it all morning. i just felt like they were going to have a good chuckle and shake their heads at me saying "that's braxton hicks, sweetie, everyone goes through it." the nurse told me to come in just to be safe. the whole way driving over there i was like "ughhh why am i going, im about to feel so stupid!"

I got there and they took a clean catch urine specimen then i waited on Dr. Beck to come in. When she did, she said there were a lot of ketones in my urine, proving that i was dehydrated and I needed to drink more water. Which was kind of disheartening bc after checking with some of my fellow mother friends last night they all told me to drink water and I DID!! I drank a lot between last night and this morning. Oh well, she said she wanted to check my cervix just in case but was pretty sure she'd send me to the monitoring room to check and see if the contractions were real. she checked me and right before she took her hand out she gave the nurse a wide eyed look. I knew right there something was off. She looked me right in the eyes and said "I'm going to send you to the hospital right now. Don't go home, dont stop at mcdonalds or the gas station. go straight there." Then I think she realized I was terrified and explained "everything should be ok. but you are almost 2 cm dilated and we need to get a shot in you to stop you from progressing any further. they will also start and IV and pump you full of fluids to rehydrate you." I stood there in shock for a few seconds as she told me to get dressed while she called the hospital.

mom was on her way there already bc i'd called and asked her to come meet me on my way there. (they took me back the second i walked in the door, and naturally mom was running late) matt didn't go bc he was on an important call when I left and I was fully expecting them to send me right back home. I called Matt and he left to meet us at the hospital. Mom got there and drove me.

We checked in and they got me in my room and gown. Waited for my heart rate to go down some, bc i was nervous, and then gave me the shot of Brethine to stop contractions. then got my IV started. We ended up only being monitored and hooked up to the IV for about 2 hrs and then I was good to go home, after checking my urine again and making sure the ketones were gone. I'm just instructed to take it easy this weekend and to call immediately if i start having consistent contractions again. Otherwise, I go back for my regularly scheduled appt on Jan 18th.

Today is the first day (of many im sure) I felt like a bad mother. Bc it wasnt baby girl trying to come out on her own, it was her being forced out due to my lack of hydration! I will be chugging my smartwater from here on out, Mary Tyler, I promise! :) I did ask a silly question... if my cervix would close back up now? They laughed at me and said "no, you'll be 2 cm from here on out." That is kind of nerve racking but I guess not too big of a deal, since they didnt put me on bed rest!

thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. hopefully the next 7.5 weeks go smoothly and I can finish her nursery and have some super fun showers and relax!

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  1. Haha, I can just picture you asking if your cervix would close back up (which I don't think is a silly question, but what do I know). Glad MT is staying put for a little while. Love you pal!