Monday, January 16, 2012

back to the hospital...

doubtful we will forget, but i just wanted to note for future reference:

we went back to the hospital friday night. (jan 13) i started having contractions around 9 pm and tried to ignore them, around 1030 they got so close together that we decided to time them and I had 14 in an hour. so we left and went around midnight. i got to triage and they monitored me for a while and then gave me another shot of Brethine. gah that stuff is bad. makes me feel like im going to shake out of my skin. and heart races. then they checked me and i was still at 2/3 cm (same as when I left the hospital on Wednesday) so they let me go home.

Obviously those contractions werent progressing me, so from now on im just kind of ignoring those contractions. The doctor said she really doesnt think ill go full term. I'm still not sure what I think. Somedays I think she'll come really early and some I think ill be lapping the neighborhood on my due date trying everything I can to get her to come out. :)

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