Monday, August 22, 2011

craigslist is amazing

So... after reading all of my friends blogs (who are moms or who are pregnant) I feel like I've gotten a DECENT understanding of what products are good, what aren't so good, what are safe, what are desired, what are NECESSARY, etc etc.

One of my wants has been a Bugaboo stroller. Which retail around $799.00. Eek. Double eek when you consider that I want a Peg Perego carseat which is $250 and you start adding everything up.

Mom and I check craigslist every night for new deals. Two weeks ago she found cribs from a lady in Duncan that had twin boys and was selling cribs which were $600 each at the time of purchase for $75/piece. It turned out my Mimi wanted a crib for our mountain house and mom wanted one for her house so we went and looked at these cribs and they were great! Mom bought them for $65/piece. That was great deal #1.

Last night I was looking on there and came across an add for a Bugaboo Frog stroller. 4 years old. Rarely used. Selling for $175. Seemed too good to be true. Something had to be broken or chewed or warn, but Mom and I decided to head out to Duncan (once again..weird) and check it out. There we were at a run down BP station off the exit driving that stroller all around the parking lot. It was HOT!! But it turned out that Bugaboo was as good as new! After she showed me how to assemble and disassemble ... take the carrier in and out. We got it!!! It didn't come with the bassinet so we'll register for that, but I'm thrilled that I got it!!!! Here's what it looks like... only we didnt get orange. It's more of a taupe/gray color. Neutral. I love it!

Now I can get the Peg Perego carseat that I want without feeling as guilty since we didn't spend a fortune on the stroller! :) Don't doubt craigslist, people! There are DEFINITELY some sketchy things on there, but there are also some normal people just like me (I've sold things on there before) who are totally credible, safe, and smart individuals with some deals waiting just for you! :) I think i'll head over there now and see what else I can find!

<3 Britt


  1. NIIICCCEE!!! I'm slightly jealous of your bugaboo stroller.

    I get a ton of stuff off craigslist. I even bought my BOB off craigslist AND my Peg Perego carseat & travel system. Baby stuff is great on craigslist because mostly, people just want to get rid of their baby stuff lying around the house ASAP. Especially in a military town. :) Can't wait to see baby Bolt in that Bugaboo stroller!

  2. You will be surprised how much stuff you get at your showers too! We got all of our big stuff, including the $250 peg perego and 500 stroller ;) The only two big things we had to buy were 1. Video monitor -$250 & 2. Breast Pump- if my insurance wont cover it - check w/ insurance first though :)