Sunday, August 28, 2011

nursery woes

so... assuming this little pea in a pod is PINK ... i am torn between two different nursery designs and i would LOVE your input!!!

First, is what I had always pictured. I am not a fan of over the top PINK nurseries. (No offense, if you have one, just not for me!! I'm not super girly) I had pictured something with light blue (almost grayish blue) walls... with pops of a PUNCHY pink (coral-ish), instead of baby pink or hot pink and some pretty, white (but not stark white) furniture. When I found this picture on pinterest, it was like my mind created the picture... almost exactly what i was thinking...i even love the elephant art and mosaic fabric prints

(click on the pictures so you can see them better and larger!)

I realize it doesnt show a crib but I think you get the picture. Something like this bedding:

THEN ... I fell in love with two different dark wood cribs, like this one by Baby Appleseed:

This is actually pictured in black, but I love the merlot one on display at Buy Buy Baby. Once I saw this picture I really like the neutrals. Here's my dilemma, is it too plain??? I love bright colors... but do I love them in my house? If I pick something like this, am I playing it too safe? It's not whimsical enough, right? So then I found this picture from Pottery Barn Kids, and I LOVE THE the bedding, even love the wall color and the paisley paintings on the wall! (dont care for the name Simone, however) Anyway... this is super cute, too!!

When looking for nursery bedding for a girl, there are hardly ever any pictures/patterns shown in dark wood cribs, they are almost always white. When I found this one, I LOVED IT! I just don't know if it's whimsical enough for baby.

The main thing I want to accomplish in my nursery is for it to be a relaxing place. The nursery designs that are RED cribs with bright mod dot polka dots and crazy colors seem like an all-nighter waiting to happen. I couldn't fall asleep in a room that loud and busy so I don't think baby could either. I want it to be very peaceful and serene, but also whimsical and fun.

Which do you vote for???

ps- i am not posting the boy nursery option bc i already know what i would like to do incase of BLUE :) ill show that to you once we find out the sex NEXT WEEK!!!


  1. I LOVE both of these! But if you really like the neutral one, you can do those whimsical pops of color with the blanket and those cute owl pillows they have around the room. So excited for you! I love those "baskets" hanging on the walls to hold blankets and stuffed animals. Super cute!

  2. I love the darker furniture... and I agree with the above comment, you can have pops of colors to bring some brightness with the neutral colors!
    So much fun... good luck!

  3. If you are going to go with dark furniture I like the neutral colors best! I agree about it needing to be relaxing! I really like the first option too though! If you are into neutrals why don't you do a neutral wall then do accents in a color you like. That way it's still relaxing but not boring.


    dark wood but still colorful and girly!

  5. Love the crib from pottery barn kids- but in white. Put it with what you found on pinterest. Really like the shades of blue and pink. The bedding looks so crisp and cool.

  6. i love, love, love the idea of greyish blue walls with pops of coral! the pintrist picture is perfect!