Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Intelligender says..........

Intelligender is an at home urine test that is supposed to be able to tell you, as early as 10 weeks, what the sex of your baby is. Statistics show that it's about 83% accurate. I spent all day yesterday watching youtube videos of people doing the test and giving their opinions of what THEY thought the baby would be based on the color it turned. If you're having a boy, the solution should turn dark green/brown, and for a girl, orange. So, according to OUR test this morning.... baby bolt is a .......

Confirming what I thought all along!! :) Of course, we arent going to paint the nursery walls or buy anything yet. We have a 3d ultrasound during the week of September4th-10th to definitively confirm the sex of Baby Bolt! :)

We may even get a guess from our Doctor at next Friday's appointment, but who knows!

For now, we just had fun with the results and we can't wait to find out for sure!!

Will Blog later today about the misery that has been ensuing the past few days..... can't wait to make it to 2nd trimester!!!

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